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Welcome to Greyhound Adoption Service

Last year's 21st annual reunion will go down as the last for Greyhound Adoption Service. The costs of rental for the fairground & equipment and for the insurance to cover the event have climbed. Over the past 5 years, reunion attendance steadily decreased. Sadly, the amount of money made for GAS by the event also decreased to the point that the event is no longer a viable fund-raiser.

We asked our supporters on several occasions for suggestions for the reunion and did not receive much feedback. The reunion served us well. But now, it is clearly time to find another way to raise the funds needed to run GAS each year. We need new ideas and we need people to volunteer to help implements these ideas. Without you - our supporters, adopters and friends, we could not keep GAS afloat. Thank you to all of the volunteers who worked tirelessly over the last 21 years to put the reunions together. We look forward to new ways and new folks to help GAS secure the funds to carry out our mission to provide the best possible care and placements for the greyhounds. Let us hear from you.


Greyhound Adoption Service (GAS) is a non-profit humane organization dedicated to finding loving, responsible  homes for  retired racing greyhounds.  Our mission is to raise awareness about what gentle, affectionate companions these noble dogs  are.  Greyhound Adoption Service is operated totally by volunteers and depends on fund-raising and donations for its operating expenses.  GAS was founded by Marilyn Wolkovits and in 28 years of service, our stalwart band of volunteers has placed over 2000 greyhounds into their forever homes. 


Before placement, our greyhounds receive a veterinary exam, heartworm test, complete dental, rabies and distemper/parvo innoculations, routine de-worming and spay or neuter.  All dogs have a health certificate, GAS ID tag, and a new martingale collar and leash.  The adoption fee is a non-refundable $350.  GAS makes a special effort to match the right dog with the right family or person. Pre- and post-adoption help and information are provided.  Call for an appointment.